Mission et valeurs
The Itancia Endowment fund is a non-political, secular and independent private endowment fund.
It was founded by Yann Pineau, CEO of the Itancia group, which has always been committed to 'reducing the group's ecological footprint, little by little – and helping others to do likewise.'
The endowment fund's raison d'être is to help protect the environment.
We are all, each and every one of us, personally responsible for the future of the Earth. The fund invites us all to reflect on the path our planet is taking, and finances practical nature conservation projects.
The fund is based in Hyères, in the south of France.
The team is divided up according to its various roles - administrative, financial, public relations and business development. One thing binds them all together: a shared desire to make a contribution towards protecting our natural world.
Nos valeurs
"The ITANCIA Endowment fund is the corporate social responsibility arm of the ITANCIA group.
For many years now I have striven to communicate my enthusiasm for the environment to my team members, as well as the urgent need to act now in order to defend our planet, which is being destroyed by human activity at an unprecedented rate.
The 21st century business must commit heart and soul to the sustainable development model – or risk destroying the very environment in which it operates. Given the current profusion of natural disasters, and above all, those still on the horizon, combined with social and public health issues that will drain the public purse, the state will no longer be in a position to take on the environmental challenges we are faced with.
Today, I believe it is still possible to slow the massive environmental destruction currently being inflicted on a global scale. I also believe that the majority of people will come to understand that their survival is intimately linked to that of the planet.
Although making a profit remains a key objective for any business, it must no longer be our sole driving force.
Nonetheless, funding is crucial to implementing any project.
The ITANCIA Endowment fund therefore puts itself forward as a means by which profits can be put back into environmental causes. It's by increasing the number of people who are willing to get involved – and ready to translate their good intentions into action – that things will start to change.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing your ideas and projects, and I would like to thank all my team members, who, thanks to their commitment, day in, day out, make this amazing venture possible".
Yann Pineau,
CEO, Itancia Group.
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