Mission et valeurs
Notre mission
The Itancia endowment fund supports practical and innovative projects in France and Africa in the shape of grass-roots initiatives that strive, each in their own way, to help protect our planet.
It provides a platform for projects that prove to us that there is another way.
The environment faces challenges and uncertainties at both global and local level. Wholesale competition for natural resources, urban sprawl, increasing pollution and the multiplication of 'natural' disasters all jeopardize both biodiversityBiodiversity
Another word for 'biological diversity'. Biodiversity refers to the diversity of living organisms at all levels: the diversity of habitats (ecosystems), of species and of individual populations. .
and the quality of our living environments.
Sustainable development Sustainable development
'Sustainable development' is best-defined as our capacity to satisfy our current needs without compromising the needs of future generations.
is the only possible alternative to our current model of economic development, which is rapidly depleting our natural resources, aggravating economic inequality and robbing this generation and the generations to come of their future.
This is a task the like of which humanity has never before attempted: the goal is nothing less than to safeguard human society's future on a planet of finite resources.
Nos valeurs
• Putting nature at the heart of everything we do by promoting practical initiatives – they may seem insignificant, but every contribution that we make towards safeguarding the environment, no matter how small, does matter.
• Promoting and facilitating team-work, highlighting the value of complementary skills-sets, making it easier for everyone to get involved.
• Ensuring that our working practices are transparent and focused on delivering excellence in all we do.
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