Section 1 - Aims
a) Grants from the Itancia Endowment fund are designed to finance practical nature conservation projects that are in keeping with the principles and vision of the sustainable development model
b) Grants will not be awarded to:
• Humanitarian aid-type projects
• Projects relating to sport
• The production of artistic works, music or audio-visual creations
• The publication of books
• Travel-related expenses (scientific expeditions, study trips, documentaries…)
• Pure research
• Work placements or tasks undertaken as part of a training course
Section 2 - Project leaders/sponsors
a) Any not-for-profit or profit-making body that is acting as a project sponsor for a project that is eligible for a grant under these regulations may apply for a grant.
b) Grant applications from the following will not be accepted:
- Bodies linked to businesses (works councils, trade unions)
- Public bodies
- individuals(*)
(*) Private individuals wishing to put forward a project for a grant must do so in conjunction with an organization that will sponsor their project.
c) The project leader/sponsor undertakes to designate a project contact person.
Section 3 - Applying
Applications must be completed online: the application form is available online on the Itancia Endowment fund website.
This pre-application phase is the first step in the application process and is designed to ensure the applications meet the grant eligibility criteria
Section 4 - Assessing the applications
The leaders/sponsors of the projects that are eligible for a grant will be contacted by the endowment fund and asked to send in their full application. The full application must be sent by email or surface mail and must be received before the application deadline set by the endowment fund, which will have been communicated to the eligible project leaders/sponsors in question when they were first contacted by the endowment fund.
Only completed applications will be assessed.
Section 5 - Choosing the winning applications
A selection panel organized by the Itancia Endowment fund chooses the winning applications.
The selection panel's decision is final and it is under no obligation to justify its choices.
Section 6 - The awarding of grants
a) Successful applicants are awarded funding in the shape of a grant.
b) The endowment fund is not designed to meet the full financial cost of a given project and can request that its grant goes towards a specific part of the project.
c) The grant is paid to the project leader/sponsor.
d) A memorandum of understanding sets out the reciprocal duties of the winning projects' leader/sponsor and the endowment fund. It covers how the grant will actually be paid, the criteria governing how the project is to be assessed and the use of the endowment fund's corporate identity. The memorandum of understanding must be completed in full, dated, signed and returned by the winning project's project head and its project sponsor/leader. The signatures must be preceded by the statement 'lu et approuvé' (read and approved) in order for the grant to be awarded.
Section 7 - Publicity
a) The winning projects will feature on the Itancia Endowment fund website.
b) The winning projects' project head must provide at least 5 copyright-free digital colour photographs illustrating their project.
c) The Itancia Endowment fund reserves the right to produce a photographic report and/or video, as well as conducting an interview with the project leader/sponsor with a view to producing an online presentation.
d) Itancia's logo may only be used for publicity purposes in relation to the winning project.
Section 8 - Termination of the agreement
a) Grants awarded by the endowment fund are designed to help fund the projects presented. Grants may not, under any circumstances, be used for any other purposes without the express written authorization of the endowment fund. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the winning project will be under a legal obligation to immediately refund all monies paid out by the endowment fund that are being used for purposes other than that of funding the carrying out of the winning project.
b) The project leader/sponsor must be able to provide proof of the progress being made by the project at any given moment. The endowment fund reserves the right to cancel the portion of the grant that is tied to the end-of-project report if this report does not reach the fund within 6 months of the date on which it was due to be delivered.
c) In the event of work on the project being suspended or abandoned entirely, the Itancia Endowment fund may decide to put a permanent stop to all grant payments.
Applying for a grant	. Soumettre un projet.