Mission et valeurs
Fields of activity : providing financial support to a range of nature conservation projects in France and Africa.
• Method of support: through the award of a grant.
The endowment fund gives financial help to many projects in France, in France's overseas départements and territories (DOM-TOM) and in Africa.
These projects come in all shapes and sizes. Their goals are twofold: to protect the natural world and to mobilize as many people as possible in the drive to create a society that is united in its concern for both human beings and the environment.
Grants are awarded to projects run by either not-for-profit bodies or businesses.
Financial support may be awarded by the endowment fund to any not-for-profit or profit-making body.
Private individuals who would like to submit a project are invited to do so by getting in contact with a not-for-profit body which would then act as a project leader/sponsor for their project.
Only grant applications completed and sent online will be accepted.
Shortlisted applicants will then be contacted by the endowment fund for more information and to give a more detailed presentation of their project.
Applying for a grant	. Soumettre un projet.