Mission et valeurs
Do you commute to work?
Consider car-sharing or using public transport instead of taking your own car.
When the weather’s very hot, take public transport rather than the car
Car exhaust fumes react with sunlight and heat to produce polluting gases like tropospheric ozone. This is the main cause of poor air quality and smog, which can cause breathing problems for some people.
Are you on the look-out for a new printer?
When you buy a new printer, consider buying a model that will allow you to use refillable ink cartridges. This is a cost-effective and ecologically-friendly solution. If this isn’t possible for your model of printer, remember to recycle your used ink cartridges by bringing them back to the shop where you buy your replacement cartridges.
Boost your computer’s performance!
The performance of your office computers can be improved by adding more memory. This can increase their working life by two years, and helps reduce the amount of electronic equipment being thrown out.
Don’t throw out your printer cartridges
Recycle them! Most office supplies outlets will accept your used printer cartridges when you come to buy replacement cartridges.
Cut back on your printer paper consumption by setting your printer to default duplex (both sides) printing
If you think the text will be large enough to read, you could also print two pages onto one sheet.
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