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Did you know that you can reduce air pollution by recycling waste?
Glass, paper, batteries, engine oil and aluminium cans can be reused. By recycling them, you cut back on the volume of waste being incinerated by up to 70%.
Bin it, don’t pour it out!
Everything that goes down the drainage system, sink or the toilets may finish up in the river or the sea. Liquids such as oil and fat or dangerous household products like paint thinners and unused paints must not be introduced into the sewerage system. Rather, they must be placed in a box and thrown out with the other rubbish. Leave these products in their original packaging to stop them from reacting chemically with other items. This will also make it easier for the waste disposal teams to identify them. If possible, bring these products directly to your local waste disposal point.
Throw out any medical waste as directed!
Old medicines are not designed to end up in a rubbish tip or a sewer. Dispose of them at specific disposal points or bring them back to your pharmacist.
Do you need to get rid of bulky waste?
When you want bulkier waste items removed, bring them to a bulky waste collection point or contact a specialist bulky waste disposal firm which will then come and pick up your waste for you. The waste disposal specialists will sort out your rubbish and may be able to recycle it. Some items, such as fridges and other electrical appliances must be correctly disposed of in order not to cause environmental pollution. You may also go online or place an ad in the papers to sell any items that are still worth something.
Throw out toxic materials as directed!
The best way of disposing of paint is to drop it off at a specialist waste recycling collection point. If there is no such collection point within easy reach, allow the paint to dry out completely by adding as much sawdust or cat litter as necessary, then throw it in the bin. Do not pour it out into the sewerage/drainage system as paint is toxic and disrupts the wastewater treatment process.
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