Mission et valeurs
Get active!
Instead of taking the car, walk, cycle, take the bus or the tube. You’ll stay fit and help cut down on traffic jams, air pollution, noise and accidents.
When you travel to more exotic destinations, choose your souvenirs carefully
The sale of items like wood carvings, red coral and decorative items made of animal fur or feathers is often regulated and a special permit is required to take these items out of the country. Find out more about the relevant regulations, because laws governing the export of precious natural materials are very strict and you run the risk of having your souvenirs confiscated if you flout them.
Support our national parks!
Visit our natural parks and reserves! This is a way of showing you support the creation, continued upkeep and indeed the expansion of the national parks and reserves system. Don’t forget to leave wherever you visit just as you found it.
When you go on a hiking trip, take your rubbish away with you
If other people have left their rubbish behind, do the right thing and pick it up.
If holidaying somewhere with a tropical lagoon or coral reef, avoid walking on or touching the corals
If you go scuba-diving, don’t break off a piece of coral to take it back home with you as a souvenir. Coral reefs are very precious and are becoming increasingly scarce.
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